Forager Nuts & Vanilla – Hit or Miss?

Miss – ‘missed it by a mile’ as they say

Even though I try to limit my consumption of packaged products, there are a few that I’m partial to. One of my favorite grab and go snacks is a bottle of cold pressed greens – no fruit, just cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, etc. I like to try different brands so I looked at Forager. Unfortunately the only green drinks I saw contained fruit juice. So then I wondered how their shakes would be.

The ingredients looked pretty good: cashews, almonds and oats scented with cinnamon and ground vanilla beans, dates . But I guess this is a case of ‘just because they could, doesn’t mean they should’. There is something wrong about the texture of this beverage, it’s like chalk. And I’m not sure where they went wrong with cinnamon and vanilla but the flavor seems unbalanced.

Forager has a large vegan product line. Because I believe in the type of products they create, I will try them again, but it won’t be one of their shakes. Forager Nuts & Vanilla – a MISS.

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