Crunchies Beets – Hit or Miss?

HIT – For Several Reasons

Freeze dried beets area available in several brands. I have enjoyed all that I have sampled. Some are lightly salted, which does play nicely off of the natural sweetness of the beet, and some are plain. I prefer the plain ones. They are seriously crunchy and satisfying. At about 100 calories a bag, I don’t even have to share!

A great food is something you eat because you enjoy it, but at the same time you reap nutritional benefits like: fiber, potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Iron, and Magnesium. If beets don’t appeal to you then try them with hummus or salsa. These natural ‘chips’ will hold up to even the thickest dips!

I like to keep a bag with me when I have to run errands – they won’t spoil in the car and they don’t crush easily.

Whenever you’re selecting a freeze dried snack, check you label to make sure the only ingredient is beets (there’s no need for preservatives or additions), and to make sure you know how much sodium there is in the salted variety.

Crunchies Freeze Dried Beets a definite HIT!

Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!



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