Qrunch Quinoa Burgers – Hit or Miss?

MISS- the main reason, Texture.

I dislike the name veggie burger because I’ve never eaten them to replace burgers. Before I switched to a plant-based diet I ate veggie burgers, or black bean burgers, simply because I like them. They could never replace a burger. Only a burger is a burger.

So that being said, you may wonder… what is wrong with the texture. They have the texture of quinoa and breadcrumbs, with nothing to bind them together. I found them to be too delicate, and easy to crumble, to stand up tp being eaten on a bun. And the mouth feel was a bit odd. I enjoy a bite of loose quinoa but there is something about a ‘patty’ crumbling in your mouth that lacks appeal.

As far as the flavor, there wasn’t really any flavor. I tried the green chile flavor. I didn’t really expect it to taste like green chile, but I did expect it to have a taste. After living in New Mexico for almost twenty years, I know that nothing produced outside of New Mexico, and sometimes Arizona, actually tastes like green chile. Sorry, but New Mexico has set the standard for green chile.

Were these so bad that I’d throw them away? No. But I will probably crumble them on a salad instead of eating them on a bun. I’m glad they were on sale! I guess quinoa just doesn’t have a texture that lends itself to being eaten on a bun.


2 thoughts on “Qrunch Quinoa Burgers – Hit or Miss?

  1. The best veggie burger I’ve ever had came from a local eatery, and it’s made from scratch. I believe it does contain quinoa but it looks nothing like these things. It actually looks like a burger, too. But, I’m with you. I don’t eat veggie burgers to replace regular burgers. I eat them for their own merits. I grew up with “Grillers”, and they’re still my favorite (Besides my local favorite restaurant veggie burger, of course).

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