The Plant-based Challenge – 3 Week Update

3 Week Update:

So three weeks into the plant-based diet and I think its a fit for me! I feel great, energized, not sluggish. I’m not missing meat at all.

Part of the deal I made with myself was that I had to be free not to count calories, stress on portion sizes, or deprive myself in any way if this was to work. My weight and body measurements are still the same and I have enjoyed more of a carefree approach to my meals while getting full at every meal.

I’ve discovered a few new dishes that I love. Like the tofu scramble I did on Sunday. I’m looking forward to trying several, variations of this.

And… there have been some non-wins for sure. My first attempt at making black bean burgers wasn’t technically a failure since they were edible, even enjoyable. But I couldn’t grill them, they had to be baked. And they could have been spicier. I’ll post the recipe once I perfect it.

There is one more week in my month long trial period but I already know a plant-based diet is right for me. Is it right for you? If you’ve already made the change what meals were your biggest challenges and how did you over come them?



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