Strange Bedfellows


Green chile season is winding down, apple season is building steam. Being from the Northwest I grew up with apples as a staple, they are a comfort food of sorts. As I enjoyed a crisp, cold, pink lady apple in the searing Arizona sun, I wondered… What would it be like to mix this tart, sweet, juicy apple with green chiles?

Phenomenal is this combination! In a mini blender I placed an apple that had been cut into chunks and about four New Mexico green chiles that had been roasted and peeled. The blending was a little difficult so I add about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of kumquat jalapeño vinegar. I blended until it was smooth. I spread it thickly on four fillets and baked them slowly, at a low temperature of 325 degrees for about 20 minutes. Once they were done I switched to the broiler to sear the apple jalapeño sauce.

This is one of my favorite flavor combinations, quite unexpected, but the apple and jalapeño work well together. As I enjoyed the salmon I tried to decide if it was hot or sweet. In the end I gave up… it’s just delicious.

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!


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