Ooey Gooey and Delicious


Baked Brie a simple treat that is sure to please your guests. Although it’s so delicious you may not want to share it!

Purchase a full round (wheel) of brie as opposed to a wedge. Defrost a puff pastry sheet and lay it flat on the counter. Place the brie round in the center and wrap the pastry sheet around it. Wrap it tightly like a package, pressing to seal as you go, and remove excess pastry dough where it over laps. Hold on to the trimmings. Once you have it solidly wrapped turn it back over and place it in a greased baking dish, seamless side to the top. Use the trimmings to create a decoration on top, I’m partial to creating grape clusters. Leaves, letters and geometric patterns work well for decoration. If you’re using a very large brie round use multiple sheets of puff pastry, overlap them and press the seam together.

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Beat an egg with a little milk and brush it on the top and sides of the pastry, this will enhance the browning. Bake it in the oven until you have the desired browning 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size of the brie round.

Serve the brie immediately. Carefully move it to a serving platter that has a slight ridge, the cheese will begin to ooze as soon as you cut into it. Serve it with various crackers and breads, and also sliced apple and pear. Give your apple wedges a quick dip in diluted lemon juice to keep them from turning brown. If you add a few slices of prosciutto you’ve got a complete meal sure to impress.

With the holidays just around the corner you might want to make a baked brie for yourself, just to practice, before you need it for a party!

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!


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