Fried Egg Sandwiches and Old Friends


The Bon Vivants that have already received their copy of The Tasteful Muse, Volume Two have read about my friend Alan (dedication final page). Alan R. Kingsley and I met thirty years ago, we never cooked together – because ramen on a hot plate in a dorm room is NOT cooking. But now we are both seasoned chefs, we’ve both spent many years behind the stove, and we both love food. And yes, we are a bit competitive; we text and email pictures and descriptions of what we are eating. Sometimes it’s down right painful!

So last weekend Alan sends me a text “fried egg sandwich on sourdough with black forest ham and sharp Tillamook cheddar”. I haven’t been able to get it off of my mind. Who doesn’t love a good fried egg sandwich?

A fried egg sandwich isn’t meant to be a planned, it’s a concoction of what you already have. I finally satisfied my craving with a double-decker fried egg sandwich on pumpernickel bread with prosciutto, smoked mozzarella, sharp cheddar, AND black pepper mustard! I want to say I won but I think we are actually tied on this one. I mean sourdough and Tillamook sharp cheddar…. yes, that is a match to prosciutto and black pepper mustard.

What do you put on your fried egg sandwiches?

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!


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