Tuna Miso


For a mild miso soup I started with a fresh piece of tuna. I placed it in a baking dish, spread white miso on it, gave it a squeeze of fresh lime and baked it until it was just pink in the center. I used slices of the tuna on garden salads and sandwiches, and of course in miso!

In a large saucepan combine two cups of water to two tablespoons of miso, unless you like your miso stronger, then add more. Heat this thoroughly and add vegetables you enjoy. I went with summer squash, cherry tomatoes, and grated carrot. If you are using tuna or shrimp, let it simmer in the broth long enough to heat all the way through.

Serve the miso soup with a condiment bowls of red pepper flakes, fresh chives, and ginger spears. If the dramatic presentation doesn’t interest you then chop your vegetables and tuna when adding them to the miso. It will not be as dramatic when plated but it will be much easier to eat!

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivan and Savor Your Life!


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