Beans Again?

Yes, but today’s beans are a combination of summer celebration and vegetarian chili.


I love black beans, they produce such a nice thick broth. But I didn’t want just beans, I wanted to savor some summer vegetables too. Not in the mood for salad, I decided on a pot of beans heavily laden with summer vegetables.

As a Bon Vivant I’m sure you don’t need instructions on cooking a pot of beans. But I challenge you to leave your comfort zone and put a different spin on them. After mine were mostly tender I added several chopped tomatoes, jalapeños, and yellow crookneck squash. For the seasoning I used a spice mix similar to that of chili con carne but I added smoked paprika. I let this continue to simmer until the beans were breaking and the vegetables were soft.

I was surprised at how well it turned out, and how well it was received. I’ve never added summer squash to beans but it was great. It added a juicy texture that was different than the texture of the beans.

What will you do with beans this week?

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!



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