When Only the Best Will Do

Nothing Beats Boudin Sourdough

sourdough_4818First I want you to know that Boudin has in no way endorsed this review, nor asked me to write it and I don’t own any portion of Boudin. Rest assured my opinion is entirely my own. And as someone who is capable of everything from making my own bread to making my own curry, I am not easily impressed. In some ways this is a curse, I rarely eat out, I know that I can produce better (healthier) food in my own kitchen. And likewise, there are very few commercially produced foods that I adore. But Boudin Sourdough is one of them.

So you know what sourdough is right? and how it came to be? Well, here’s the short (unscientific) version. When flour mixes with water it begins to break down and a result of that process is the production of glucose, and that’s just what yeast likes to eat! As the yeast does it’s thing carbon dioxide is produced and presto chango… your bread rises. Now of course you can add yeast to dough and make this happen. But sourdough uses a ‘starter’ – a little colony of yeast that is fed and groomed, just waiting to be turned lose in a batch of bread dough. As this ‘starter’ is maintained it takes on more and more yeast from the naturally occurring yeast around us. Believe it or not the yeast in different parts of the World taste different and produce different results.

San Francisco has some of the best yeast, hence the reputation of San Francisco sourdough. Now it is possible to alter the flavors based on the age, and other attributes, of the starter. But the main thing defining the flavor is location!

I’ve tasted my way through San Francisco sourdoughs and Boudin is the BEST! Anytime a companion is traveling through San Francisco I ask them to bring me a Boudin’s.

Not planning to travel to the West Coast any time soon? No problem, order on line from Boudin Bakery. In fact check out their website for more information about sourdough and their company, which has been around since 1849. And I just noticed they have a sourdough bread club… uh-oh!

Use sourdough bread the same way you would use any bread, sandwiches, French toast, toasted on the side of a salad, grilled cheese, etc. And don’t let the little ends go to waste! Cube them, toss them with olive oil and black pepper and toast them in the oven to make your own croutons. My favorite use for these is floating in a French onion soup.

There’s a great article about sourdough at Wikipedia, they refer to sourdough dating back to 3700 BC!

If you like sourdough, join me this fall and I’ll show you how to make and maintain your own starter! Then the possibilities will be endless!

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!


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