Summer Heat – It’s Not Only From the Sun


I had a few kumquats left in my produce bin, not enough for a batch of marmalade, but too many to ignore. It occurred to me how much I enjoy the pineapple jalapeño salsa, so I wondered… could I use kumquats for salsa? Yes, yes I can, and so can you!

In a food processor combine about 2 cups of kumquats, 2 jalapeños, and a few tablespoons of purple onion. Pulse the mixture to begin chopping it, then add a generous dribble of kumquat jalapeño vinegar. Finish blending it to your desired consistency. The tangy citrus flavor with the heat of the jalapeños, and bite of the onions, followed by the complex flavored vinegar… there’s nothing quite like it! It tastes like summertime! Enjoy it with chips, on a salad, or on a baked tilapia fillet.

Adjust the jalapeños as needed to accommodate your individual taste. The recipe for the kumquat jalapeño vinegar is in The Tasteful Muse, Volume Two (August 2015).

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!


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