Beautiful Wedges


Wedge salads can be a beautiful addition to any meal, a way to impress your guests. I wasn’t in the mood for the more traditional iceberg lettuce and thick blue cheese dressing. But I did have a small head of purple cabbage. And, it just so happens that purple and green are my favorite colors! Cut the cabbage into wedges, keep the widest part of the wedge to no more than 1.5 inches. Don’t cut out the core, this is what will keep your wedges in tact. Lightly hit each side with olive oil (using an atomizer spray or pastry brush) and grill over direct medium heat. Turn them twice, making sure that you alter the placement on the second turn to get better grill marks.
wedge_2165cropRemove them from the grill and place them on individual salad plates. Drizzle a dressing on them, for today’s I used a blue cheese vinaigrette, and top them with some chopped basil. Substitute both the dressing an herbs to suit your preferences, or what you have on hand.

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!



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