Wilted, Not Shaken or Stirred

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I have a rainbow chard plant in the garden. It looks like it’s about to go to seed. So this week I decided to make a wilted chard salad. This method works well with any hearty greens. Try it with kale (Russian, green, dino), or even arugula. It’s very flavorful and on the lighter side. Keep in mind that some greens cook faster than others, I like to finish mine before they are wilted to mush.wilted-chard

The ‘rib’ of the chard takes a little longer to cook than the leaves, but I have no interest in cooking either until they are mushy enough to resemble canned vegetables. Slice the ribs into half inch chunks and place in a (lidded) saute pain with just a little water. Let them simmer, covered, for a few minutes with sliced garlic. Uncover them and and let the water evaporate after they begin to soften.

Then add some olive oil, red pepper flakes and the shredded leaves of the chard. Cover for just a minute or so, then toss the mixture with tongs a couple of times. The heat of the pan will continue to wilt the greens so pull them from the heat a little before they are done.

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!



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