Tilapia Cakes

In the mood to experiment I decided to try something with Tilapia….tilapiacakes_0265

You’re going to use your food processor for three different types of ingredients.

First the dry. Like any meat mixture (think meatloaf) you need something to help bind it together. Most recipes would have you purchase a special item, bread crumbs. I never really understood that. I always use crackers. They are already dry and crumble so easily! I’m a fan of those hearty, whole grain, round crackers. There are several brands. I threw a handful in the processor and ran it until they were pulverized. Whatever dry binding you decide to use, after it’s pulverized set it aside.

Next the vegetables and most of the flavor. As you know we eat spicy around here, so I put a couple of fresno chiles, onion, fresh parsley, and fresh garlic in the processor. Process this batch using more of a pulse method. You do want it to have some texture when you’re done so don’t liquefy it. When you’re happy with the texture set it aside.

Finally put four or five Tilapia (or salmon, or halibut, or a combination of fish with crab or shrimp) fillets in the processor. Again, process using more of a pulse method. You defiantly want some texture left with the fish.

In a small bowl whisk two eggs until they are smooth. Now combine the Tilapia and vegetable mixtures. Then add the cracker crumbs and eggs. Hold back just a bit of each in case you need to adjust for moisture. You may need more or less of one depending on the moisture level of the vegetables and fish.

Now comes the fun part….. getting your hands dirty. Grease a cookie sheet (even if it’s non-stick) and heat the oven to 350 degrees. Using your hands shape the mixture into balls and place them on the cookie sheet, then flatten them into patties. Bake them for 20 minutes, turn and let them go another 20 minutes.

The first night I served them with an herbed yogurt sauce – plain Greek yogurt mixed with fresh basil and chives, and sliced tomatoes. The next night I reheated them and used the same yogurt sauce on a bun, basically a fish sandwich. I can’t say which we enjoyed more. Mix it up, change the fish and vegetables to create your own combination. I am definitely doing a tilapia shrimp combination next time!

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!


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