Start Stuffing Things, Creatively


Occasionally we all have to ‘clean out the freezer’. You know how it is, a few times a year you have to peek behind the ice cream and see what’s lurking that you may have forgotten. Recently I found some ground chicken. After checking the produce bin and finding summer squash (Mexican), I decided to make stuffed squash. There are so many variations of this I couldn’t possibly  have a recipe.

First I scoped the center out of some halved squash. I sauteed the ground chicken with onion, red bell pepper, purple cabbage, and garlic. Also, I added some of the squash that had been scooped out and chopped. When it was almost done I added some chopped rosemary. After placing the halved, scooped squash in a baking dish I filled them with the chicken mixture and topped them with grated Parmesan and chopped rosemary. Then I baked them until they were hot and the cheese was melted.


Simple, delicious, and easy! You can do this with just about anything. Omit the meat or use shrimp instead. A shrimp and chorizo combination is excellent. And of course vary the vegetables, herbs, and cheese according to what you have on hand. You don’t even have to stuff summer squash, try eggplant, tomatoes, or bell peppers, whatever your garden is producing!

Until next time… Release YOUR Bon Vivan and Savor Your Life!


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