El Señor Rio y Don Patrón en mi Casa

Traveling Taster_72dpi_IMG_3333crpOK, we’ll get to the results of the tequila tasting in a moment. But first… an introduction. I present to you The Traveling Taster! A fellow Bon Vivant, and certainly he knows how to Savor his Life! He’ll be occasionally stopping in to provide a different perspective on flavor. If you enjoy his visits please let him know! And so, without further adieu… I give you The Traveling Taster and his review of fine tequila.


When it comes to rating spirits, I am a novice with no formal training, nor do I profess to be an expert about adult beverages. So with that said, I’m sharing my opinion of, “I like what I like.”

Today I ventured to compare two Tequilas. Añejo Patron, and Añejo Senor Rio tequila. Añejo means vintage or old in Spanish.

My first tasting was Añejo Patron. It has a very light amber color. Its bouquet is mildly sharp, sending a subtle disbursement to the back of one’s nostrils. Its introduction to the tongue and palate are lively and festive, presenting a warm awakening upon reaching the esophagus. A spirit that is full of vigor.

My second tasting was of Añejo Senor Rio tequila was very different and pleasantly surprising. It possesses a rich golden hue. Its bouquet is of an earthy/woodsy flourish however, its palate introduction suggests a confident floral effervesce. These two seemingly contradictions meld to augment its essence.

I favored the Añejo Senor Rio tequila. Now, you may or may not agree so, give them both a try and let your olfactory senses determine if “you like, what you like.”

*Though most beers, wines, and spirits are readily available at many locals globally. The Traveling Taster may opine his  comparisons by way of virtual travel from the comfort of his residence.


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