Long ago I thought Blackened meant burnt!

Luckily and deliciously I figured out that’s not the case. I make my own Blackened seasoning rub and always have it on hand in the spice pantry.
Combine the following for the rub:
3 parts Smoked Paprika
1 part Granulated Onion
1 part Granulated Garlic
1/2 part  Oregano Leaves
1/2 part Thyme Leaves
1/4 part Crushed Black Pepper
1/4 part Crushed White Pepper
1/4 part Celery Seed
1/8 part Ground Cayenne

To measure the spice mix for 4 fillets I used a Tablespoon. Dredge the fillets in the spice mix, a pie pan works well for this step, patting it into both sides of the fish. If you want to cook them on the stove top heat a little oil in a not stick pan and cook over medium heat, turning once. If you want to cook them in the oven, place them on a foil lined baking sheet and bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes, then turn and bake until done. Mine always turn out crispier on the stove top. Serve them hot the first night and crumbled on a salad the next. You just can’t go wrong.

Use the spice mix on anything you dare; chicken, salmon, scallops, catfish, tofu (yes, tofu).

Release YOUR Bon Vivant and Savor Your Life!


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