Who says you can’t have grilled shrimp for breakfast?


I enjoy it when my inspiration is from tidbits left in the refrigerator! Finally nearing the end of my shrimp excess, I considered ways to incorporate them into a breakfast. Then I remembered that I had a few slices of Spanish Chorizo left in the refrigerator. You know, the pre-sliced kind you can get packaged at a deli. Not to be confused with it’s cousin Mexican Chorizo, which is an entirely different product worthy of it’s own posts!

It’s shocking that something so simple could be this delicious. I defrosted the shrimp, wrapped each in a slice of Chorizo and skewered them. I grilled them over low heat, flipping once. Inside I scrambled a couple of eggs with just a little fresh thyme. When the eggs were a little more than half done I added some shredded spinach and a sprinkle of feta cheese.

These shrimp would be delicious for lunch or dinner too! I could see them on a salad, or along side grilled vegetables. And now I’m wondering about this Chorizo wrapped around thin strips of chicken breast. Surely that would be delicious too! But that experiment will have to wait as I’ve had a request for Baba Ganoush…… I’ll keep you posted on that one!


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