Te[quila] for Two

Here in Tucson it’s getting warm. As we enjoy more patio time I crave less red wine and more spirits. This weekend we will have an official taste test; Don Julio vs. Patron.

Several years ago, while in Mazatlan I went on a tequila factory tour, not just for the free samples I assure you. Although, I certainly did enjoy them!


Here we have an agave ready to be smoked. This tequileria uses a large open pit, ahhhh so that’s where the smokey flavor comes from in some tequilas.










The picture below is after they’ve been on the fire…




And that is just the beginning of the process – there’s still distilling, aging and bottling to do. So much work goes into a batch of fine tequila, and if you ask me it’s well worth it!

So which is better – Don Julio or Patron? I will research it fully and keep you posted!

2015 Update – I’m still testing! Actually I find both of the silver varieties equally smooth. I suppose it’s then time to move on to the gold, or anejo. Bummer, there’s more tequila tasting to do!


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