Popcorn Shrimp? Nah… Peppercorn Shrimp!


Due to a slight overstock of frozen shrimp I’ve been experimenting with ways to enjoy them. Here’s my latest – Peppercorn Shrimp.

I add a small amount of water to a non-stick pan and then add a large amount of fresh cracked pepper. You’ll start to see an oil on the surface of the water. Ahhhh the flavor of freshly cracked peppercorns. I use a mixture of white and black peppercorns and my current batch of white peppercorns is pretty hot! Add as much pepper as you think you will enjoy. Heat the water to a simmer, toss in the shrimp and a vegetable if you like. Tonight I added asparagus. Simmer the shrimp until just cooked. The trick is to start with just enough water that it evaporates just when the shrimp are done. Add more pepper as you stir, if needed.

Tonight I served it on a bed of greens with some radish and carrot. A squeeze of fresh lime and you’e got a great light meal. If salad is too light for you try it with rice! It also goes well with creamy dressings like blue cheese. My only regret… there is none left over for tomorrow!


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