Ragù Sommelier

In December I read a post for Ragù on Thewinelifestyle. After reading Simone’s post I knew it would be fairly easy to make, yet offer a complex flavor. I spent all week looking forward to making my own version. Here’s what mine looks like:ragu

I’m not going to rewrite the recipe because you can find it here. I did find Passata di Pomodoro (tomato puree) but I did not find Polpa di Pomodoro (tomato pulp) so used fire roasted, crushed tomatoes. Simone suggests using red wine if you prefer a stronger flavor and I certainly do and did! Other than that I followed his recipe as written, I found it easy to follow with great photos.

Pizzolato MerlotFor the wine he selected a Bordeaux blend but I could not resist one of my favorites, Pizzolato Merlot. I was introduced to Pizzolato a few months ago by the Eco Vine Wine Club. Due to a sulfite allergy I’m always on the lookout for NSA, No Sulfite Added, wines. You can imagine my excitement when I found that Eco Vine Wine has a monthly club. Finding Pizzolato wines alone made the club membership worth it. There are also a few retailers that sell Pizzolato wines. The Pizzolato Merlot is one of the most full-bodied Merlots I’ve had. In fact I find it has more body than their Cabernet Sauvignon.  It has a deep red color and is dry and fruity. Not all Pizzolato wines are NSA but I would still recommend anything they produce.

The Eco Vine Wine Club offers a wide variety of NSA, organic and biodynamic wines. You can purchase by the bottle or case, or join a monthly club. The monthly club deliveries are always an exciting discovery. They have excellent customer service, fast shipping, and a great selection.



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